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Quality Assurance Policy

STERLING is an organization committed to total customer satisfaction through continuous improvement. It considers quality an important parameter of the service it provides to its customers.

The Company Quality Policy is being implemented through its Quality Program which encompasses all the functions of the applicable departments. It requires the involvement, commitment and effective interlocking of all employees in the organization to achieve continuous improvement.

The Quality Program will be directed by the Quality Assurance Manager, who is responsible for its effectiveness and efficiency. Achievement of the company objectives with respect to quality is the responsibility of all employees. Every STERLING employee will receive instructions and training as is required for the implementation of the Company Quality Policy.

The Quality Program established to implement STERLING's Quality Policy will satisfy the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. The program is documented by means of the Quality Manual. The manual provides the necessary guidance on the technical, administrative and human factors affecting quality at all stages of the services provided, from initial identification of customers' needs to final satisfaction of requirement and expectations.

The success of STERLING's Quality Program will be measured by increased reliability and maintainability of the services it provides to its customers. It is my resolve that our program shall fortify the principle in any cost efficient quality assurance system... which is "Doing it right the first time".